Book Club the Fifth

Book Club the Fifth – BOOKN00B – 18-04-2010
Agreed on: The Island by Victoria Hislop (BookN00b)
– Firman by Sam Savage

SPECIAL GUEST STAR – Lela – who is now 100 pages into The Book Thief!

  • hated the first chapter, which enraged her, resulting in her casting aside the book for about a month.
  • eventually went back to it, and ended up quite enjoying it!
  • particularly liked the relationship between Norman and Jerry.


  • thought the idea was really clever, and thought the whole environment was very well researched.
  • liked the history
  • thought the character was a bit up himself, though he was a thinking reading rat, so fair enough really.

Neither would search out Sam Savage again, but would certainly read something of his at another point in the future.


  • loved the book references throughout.
  • thought the world created was very well described from the perspective of a rat
  • found it very sad
BOOKELF – 6/10
BOOKN00B – 7/10

Agreed that the next book would be The Island by Victoria Hislop, a book that felt was of great interest to BOOKN00B as she had visited the island in question, and seen the featured sanatorium. 


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