Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s 2010 3D extravagansa!!!

The three book-clubbers, and honoured guest – Lela – ventured into the 3D world in order to see this film in all its glory…and whatever our views about the film, the 3D does not disappoint. In fact, the Doctor Who trailer was terrifying!!!

I personally have always had a deep and abiding love for the world of Alice, and her friends. As a very teeney tiny little (but no less vocal) person, my parents undertook the task of ensuring that I would be a reader, and worked their way through many children’s classics, revisiting Alice’s adventures more than once.
(Interesting side note, my mother, hates this book. She re-read it with her book club, and she is no fonder of it now than she was when I was a wee one. Funny the way that sometimes happens, usually our tastes are more aligned!)


However, for me, Wonderland is no static place, fixed in time. Instead, it’s like Narnia, or Oz. The sort of place that you are invited to visit and have your own adventures in, ever changing, but staying the same. While slightly dubious when I first heard of the project, I relaxed slightly when I realised that the child-like genius that is Tim Burton would be directing it.

From my first fall (see what I did there?!?!), I’ve been enthralled, and I love all the different incarnations that the book allows – from graphic novels, to films, to books, to music – Alice has influenced so much more than her author could have even imagined!

Some of my personal favourites – aside from the originals, which are obviously top of the heap – are ‘The Looking Glass Wars’ by Frank Beddor. This, a grown up retelling of the Alice story, is a darker, but respectful incarnation, and led to the marvellous ‘Hatter M’ graphic novels, in which a ninja style Hatter searches for Alice in our world.

The Disney film, which I watched with my first ever BFF, is drenched with those warm fuzzy memories that no amount of cynacism manages to overcome. Every time I watch it, I become 12 years old again, and the sun is shining, and the air smells of heat, and leaves. Despite not being the most faithful of adaptations, and so sweet it’ll give you a toothache, I will never not be able to love that film!

Oooh, the scifi series Alice is also very watchable, though one of those more inspired by, than any sort of adaptation.


And the weirdly wonderful chapters in Heinlein’s Lazarus Long series are also worth a mention!

Jeepes, even Lost makes frequent references to the stories!

Ahem, anyway, some pictures and songs below!

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