Book Club The Second

Book Club the Second – BOOKN00B – 13-12-2009
Agreed on: I am Cat by Soseki Natsume (BookN00b)
– The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
– The Other Hand by Chris Cleeve
– C.J. Sansom series
  • Already bought two copies to give to people as gifts
  • However, she found it slow to get into, but enjoyed the amount of on the side research that the book invited.
  • Thought that the middle of the book was a little weak, though beautifully written.
  • Biggest quibble was that the voices of the parent, and their child were too similar.
  • 7/10
  • Found the first half of the book to be very slow, and only really got into gear once the main character’s mother had appeared.
  • Thought that the book was quite frightening – the first book that she has read in a long time to actually scare her a little.
  • Noticed that there were a few ‘genra’ jumps
  • Best comment ‘this book shits on Twilight from a height’
  • 8/10
AVIDREADER (book choice)
  • Loved this book, an intelligently written book on vampires, that doesn’t degenerated into lots of bonking.
  • Found the geographical locations to be beautifully described, and now wants to visit them all!
  • Thought that the ending was a little rushed, but enjoyed the lack of ‘Happily Ever After’
  • 8/10
We three had also read ‘The Other Hand’ by Chris Cleeve
  • Enjoyed this book, but hated the experience of reading it.
    • Hated the character of Sarch, and her boyfriend.
    • 8/10
    • Sort of book that could only be read once, though would recommend it to others.
    • Has actually bought a copy for herself, and lent a copy to her boss as BOOKELF thinks that she would love it.
    • Liked the first half, and read it in one sitting.
    • 4/10
    • Hated this book with a passion, from the obnoxious blurb on the back, to the arrogant presumptuous characters, to the insulting use of ‘phonetic’ speech.
    • Disliked all of the characters, and have never met such selfish and deranged people IRL.
    • Could not understand why in the name of the holies that Sarah would drag her child and Little Bee back to the place of her torture.
    • 1/10 – would have been 2, but the blurb really annoyed me.

    We also briefly discussed CJ Sansom, but will wait until BOOKN00B has finished them before going in depth.

    Book for January – BOOKN00B
    I am a Cat – Soseki Natsume
    Teenage Reads
    We also decided to discuss books from different stages of our lives that affected us.
    • The Glass Lake – Maeve Binchey
    • The Winter King – Bernard Cornwell
    • The Short History – Donna Tart
    • Mallory Towers – Enid Blyton
    • Sweet Valley High – Francine Pascal
    • Polo – Jilly Cooper
    • Windfall – Penny Vinchenzi
    • Jodi Picault
    • The Diary of Anne Frank
    • What Katy Did – Susan Coolidge
    • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
    • The Green Knowle Series – Lucy M Boston
    Other teenage reads
    • Harry Potter
    • Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry
    • Neverending Story
    • Nancy Drew
    • Judy Bloom
    • Adrian Mole



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