Fancy Dress Ball – Compare Books to Film versions!

Recently, I was sent an email about a really interesting project and asked to include it on the blog. I eagerly agreed...then was completely distracted by World Book Night (Thursday, 23rd April, from 6pm at the White Swan Pub in Leeds City Centre, if you are interested!). Apologies to Fancy Dress Ball for the delayed postage! … Continue reading Fancy Dress Ball – Compare Books to Film versions!


Book Quotes

POEM – Notes on the Art of Poetry – Dylan Thomas

Notes on the Art of Poetry I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on in the world between the covers of books, such sandstorms and ice blasts of words,,, such staggering peace, such enormous laughter, such and so many blinding bright lights,, , splashing all over the pages in a million bits and … Continue reading POEM – Notes on the Art of Poetry – Dylan Thomas

Happy World Book Day 2015!

Here at Leeds Book Club, we find that every day is World Book Day... but isn't it lovely to have a special day set aside just to remind us all about the wonderful marvellous magical and fantastic world of books! From the WBD website WHAT IS WORLD BOOK DAY? World Book Day is a celebration! It’s … Continue reading Happy World Book Day 2015!

Is Literacy a Necessity?

Today is World Book Day. Children up and down the land are dressing up as their favourite characters; the second thing down on Google is 'World Book Day Costumes' leading to visions of frantic parents recycling Shepard's costumes from the nativity whilst their Yummy Mummy counterparts order Matilda costumes for forty quid of the t'internets... … Continue reading Is Literacy a Necessity?