Interview with James Schwartz!

LBC is joined by James Schwartz - @QueerAsPoetry - author of Growing up Gay and Amish in America and poet for a chat about everything but the kitchen sink!   ***LANGUAGE WARNING *** - We're actually very restrained. For us. So... the usual warning applies! ***SPOILERS WARNING *** - Not so spoiler-tastic, just our thoughts … Continue reading Interview with James Schwartz!

O Level Poetry – They Walked and Talked – Uche Okeke

1974 The Crescent Moon - Uche Okeke As part of my ongoing "School Days Over" poetry project; I have been racking my brain trying to remember the names of the poems and poets that we studied for my O Levels (in Zimbabwe).    I spent so long wishing and wanting and waiting for those exams … Continue reading O Level Poetry – They Walked and Talked – Uche Okeke

A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH

So we'd made it. Finally we'd made it to Sixth Form. What a revelation. Not only could we wear our own clothes (which quickly esatblished itself into a uniform of black jumper, blue jeans, thong (2001, innit) and black boots), not only could we smoke!, we also got to do the sex... I remember the … Continue reading A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH

GCSE Poetry

I loved AR's memories of her Leaving Cert poetry last week, and it got me thinking about the dreaded English Lit Anthology I lugged about for the two years of my GCSEs. At the time, I wasn't the biggest poetry fan in the world-I loved talking about it in class, and finding hidden meanings within … Continue reading GCSE Poetry