Women’s Literature Festival-Womens Writing Today-Helen Dunmore

In the build up to the Women's Literature Festival in Bristol on the 16-17 March, BookElf will be reviewing the word of the writers on the Womens Writing Today panel. The event will look at the issues facing women writers today, and their inspirations for their work. Helen Dunmore Photo by Caroline Forbes I first … Continue reading Women’s Literature Festival-Womens Writing Today-Helen Dunmore

WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

Once again, World Book Night managed to send me my 'apply to be a giver!' email a whole days after I had already done so, but apart from that this year I'd like to say BLOODY WELL DONE. From a reading for pleasure promoter's (working on the job title...) point of view this is a … Continue reading WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

Mount TBR 9# Virgin Widow by Anne O’Brien

Anne O'Brien started off writing Harlequin historical romance books set in Regency England, and graduated to 'big' books based on historical characters in 2010. This, her first 'big' offering, was recommended to me by a mature student who loves historical fiction as much as I do, so much so I bought it first hand in a … Continue reading Mount TBR 9# Virgin Widow by Anne O’Brien

Remember Remember

Anyone who has trouble placing the whereabouts of their keys, or can't quite grasp the current East Enders plotlines has their work cut out in November. What with Rememberence Day (which is also my Book Club month choice, and have a highly appropriate book I think...) on the 11th and Bonfire Night on the 5th, … Continue reading Remember Remember

Horrible Histories

I love history. I was my third favourite subject at school (after English and Drama), I did it for my A Level (along with, you guessed it, English and Drama) and am a massive massive fan of historical fiction (especially when it is on the telly, thus combining English, History and Drama, at which point … Continue reading Horrible Histories