A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH

So we'd made it. Finally we'd made it to Sixth Form. What a revelation. Not only could we wear our own clothes (which quickly esatblished itself into a uniform of black jumper, blue jeans, thong (2001, innit) and black boots), not only could we smoke!, we also got to do the sex... I remember the … Continue reading A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH


Leaving Certificate Poetry – William Shakespeare

Along with Eavan Boland, we also studied 6 sonnets by the Bard. I consider myself privileged in that I have always had a very positive relationship with William Shakespeare. My parents had surprised me with comic versions of Hamlet and Macbeth as a youngling. Surprisingly, these retained the majority of the language of the originals … Continue reading Leaving Certificate Poetry – William Shakespeare

GCSE Poetry

I loved AR's memories of her Leaving Cert poetry last week, and it got me thinking about the dreaded English Lit Anthology I lugged about for the two years of my GCSEs. At the time, I wasn't the biggest poetry fan in the world-I loved talking about it in class, and finding hidden meanings within … Continue reading GCSE Poetry

Leaving Certificate Poetry – Eavan Boland

A long long time ago (I can still remember...*ahem*) I had to study a number of poems for my Leaving Certificate (read A Level equivalents) examinations. Up until this point; I had enjoyed poetry but rarely read it for fun, preferring somewhat easier and more accessible fiction (utterly buying into the myth that poetry was … Continue reading Leaving Certificate Poetry – Eavan Boland

If I have to leave – D.E. Barrell

Today, I have mostly been trying to remember poetry that I last read in 1998, for my O Levels.  Thanks to facebook, I now know that the book we studied was Revival (which I am now scouring the internet for), and have managed to track down my personal favourite from the set, and one that … Continue reading If I have to leave – D.E. Barrell

Natalie Williams

I warn you now, I might gush... So, many many moons ago, when faces were fresh, and tummys always seemed to be growling - there was a girl a year or so older than me in school - Natalie -  who had a knack with language. She was always scribbling stories, plays, poems and songs … Continue reading Natalie Williams