Christmas Books vs Christmas Films

Meandering past the book aisle in the supermarket my attention was drawn by the array of festive themed covers of 'chick lit' books. I've never really noticed a huge amount of Christmas themed books launched around this time before despite the fact that the movie business seems to rake it in, but this year there … Continue reading Christmas Books vs Christmas Films


Point Horrorween

Coming up to Halloween this year, I was feeling a bit uninspired by the season. There's been a real lack of good horror films this year, and I longed for the days when a Point Horror book could leave me so scared I'd sneak downstairs to hide it under the dog's bed so it wouldn't … Continue reading Point Horrorween

Exciting News!!!!

LeedsBookClub are delighted to announce that we are being joined by the rather fabulous fellow book addict -  Booky O'Hare  - henceforth to be abbreviated to BH!   With a special interest in young adult fiction, all things fright-inducing and a scary obsession with the Labyrinth (SOUL SISTER!!!); we can't wait for her to get … Continue reading Exciting News!!!!