This is my personal opinion-not that of LeedsBookClub. Sometimes you just need to get a rant off your chest! In a world where a one in five adults cannot find a plumber in a phone book, teaching the elite to remember is not the way to raise standards. The proposed reforms to the Key Stage … Continue reading EBacc-wards


Twilight- a gateway book

This blog is going to read heavily of my blowing my own trumpet, but it's feeling like a pretty big bloody trumpet so I wanted to blow it quite loudly, and the Internet is looking like it would appreciate some sweet trumpet based sounds today... In November, I started a reading challenge at work, which … Continue reading Twilight- a gateway book

Is Literacy a Necessity?

Today is World Book Day. Children up and down the land are dressing up as their favourite characters; the second thing down on Google is 'World Book Day Costumes' leading to visions of frantic parents recycling Shepard's costumes from the nativity whilst their Yummy Mummy counterparts order Matilda costumes for forty quid of the t'internets... … Continue reading Is Literacy a Necessity?

Errrrrr Libraries Much?

I am fuming. Wikipedia is down. This is because they believe in freedom of information which apparently this new law in the US, which I don't know anything about, will restrict. Fair enough, I too believe in open content and lack of censorship. This isn't what is making me angry. I've just had a morning … Continue reading Errrrrr Libraries Much?

A Discovery of Nonsense (sorry, Witches, sorry)

****SPOILERS, SO MANY SPOILERS. AND SWEARS. LOADS AND LOADS OF SWEARS*** What an utterly ridiculous book this is. Firstly, a background as to why I read a paranormal romance book during the week before Christmas; the cover. We bought it for work because I'd seen it *everywhere*, the cover looked really pretty, and I just … Continue reading A Discovery of Nonsense (sorry, Witches, sorry)

Dear Santa….

Dear Santa, I've not been a particularly good girl this year. I've smoked and drank too much, and done naughty things. I know that as a Naughty Girl, I should be receiving nothing more than a lump of coal, but I also know that probably won't be the case and I will, in fact, be … Continue reading Dear Santa….


Where are all the working class women writers? 1) They are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, go to a spoken word event! Go to one shitting spoken word event in Sheffield, or Bradford, or Manchester, or Leeds and LISTEN to these women’s voices. Listen to the stories of single-motherhood, forced prostitution, being different, being alone. Go to women's … Continue reading WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING AWARD WINNING DRAMA, EH?