Point Horrorween

Coming up to Halloween this year, I was feeling a bit uninspired by the season. There's been a real lack of good horror films this year, and I longed for the days when a Point Horror book could leave me so scared I'd sneak downstairs to hide it under the dog's bed so it wouldn't … Continue reading Point Horrorween

No Sanctuary by Seamus Heaney

No Sanctuary It’s Hallowe’en. The turnip-man’s lopped head Blazes at us through split bottle glass And fumes and swims up like a wrecker’s lantern. Death mask of harvest, mocker at All Souls With scorching smells, red dog’s eyes in the night- We ring and stare into unhallowed light. From North, 1975 Many many moons ago, … Continue reading No Sanctuary by Seamus Heaney