While scrolling on mastodon, I learned an incredibly amazing and astounding story. Just for context, the following response was offered in connection to a conversation about #ChatGPT bot recommending book titles to students with real authors, but generated titles. Apparently, this is a known issue with the #ChatGPT world. In 1948, a fan wrote into … Continue reading Astounding!


LBC Horsforth – A massive first choice!

For #LBCHorsforth, we are opening the year with To Paradise by Hanyer Yanagihara. To Paradise To Paradise is a bold, brilliant novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the elusive idea of utopia; driven by Yanagihara’s understanding of our desire to protect those we love – partners, lovers, children, friends, family and even … Continue reading LBC Horsforth – A massive first choice!

NowListening to Marple

Recently, I treated myself to Marple – 12 new short stories, written by contemporary authors featuring the quick witted Miss Jane Marple.  BBC Sounds has three of the short stories adapted for ratio and available now.  We are listening to them while driving back home – a lovely literary start to the new year. The Unravelling  When … Continue reading NowListening to Marple

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a peaceful 2023, full of fun and laughter. Abridged Ogden Nash poem, full poem copied as text below Tonight’s December thirty-first,Something is about to burst.The clock is crouching, dark and small,Like a time bomb in the hall.Hark, it's midnight, children dear.Duck! Here comes another year! Ogden Nash

Happy Day of the Wren

Reposting from 2011 Happy St Stephen’s Day…or Boxing Day (if you must). I hope you’re all feeling rested after yesterday’s celebrations and food! Back home (in Ireland), the 26th was historically celebrated as The Day of the Wren – Lá an Dreoilín. It is believed that this tradition emerged out of older Pagan or Druidic rituals, … Continue reading Happy Day of the Wren

#NowReading – Marple – A collection NOT by Agatha Christie

My Christmas present to myself this year is this - the gorgeous hardback of Marple. The beautiful red version of Marple. A brand new collection of short stories featuring the Queen of Crime’s legendary detective Jane Marple, penned by twelve remarkable bestselling and acclaimed authors. This collection of twelve original short stories, all featuring Jane … Continue reading #NowReading – Marple – A collection NOT by Agatha Christie

The literary world is wonderful

Author Chelsea Banning sent a sad little tweet into the ether this week: Only 2 people came to my author signing yesterday, so I was pretty bummed about it. Especially as 37 people responded “going” to the event. Kind of upset, honestly, and a little embarrassed.CHELSEABWRITES And she received solidarity well wishes from a few well … Continue reading The literary world is wonderful

Poems to boost your mood

Wonderful piece from the guardian today on 50 by prima to raise your spirits. Going to try to seek out all fifty between now and Christmas! Here’s the article

The A Team form a militant union Spotted on Twitter (ht to Union Drip) and too good not to share!  Clips from the episode Labour Pains. From 1983. The more things change eh…

LeedsBoookClub Christmas Do!

Yippee! It’s that time of the year!  Am busy organising the @LeedsBookClub Christmas do for December and feeling incredibly excited to see everyone in person again! Since March 2020, there have now been a total of 75 book clubs via zoom; 1 Christmas meet up face to face and 3 in person book clubs. So … Continue reading LeedsBoookClub Christmas Do!