Fictional foods – yummy!

This morning I came across this article on Packed Lunch ideas from Fictional Foods which instantly made me hungry and prompted me to try and remember my favourite fictional foods. I always wanted to go to one of the midnight feasts at Malory Towers (@isfromupnorth - you with me?) - though I'd avoid the hard boiled eggs … Continue reading Fictional foods – yummy!

The Hunger Games – Book 3 – Mockingjay – GUEST

*****SPOILERS***** *****SPOILERS***** *****SPOILERS*****   So, as you know, I've become a HUGE fan of these books and am constantly telling friends and book clubbers that they are MUST READS! (Thinking about how I started reading the books - it feels like a very full circle kind of thing!)   One of our #MedusaLBC and World … Continue reading The Hunger Games – Book 3 – Mockingjay – GUEST