BookElf Reads 2012

In the tradition of the last few years... Not PUBLISHED this year, READ this year, savvy? Oh God this list has caused me some heartache! What a cracking year for reading this has been for me! I know that the LeedsBookClub itself has had some wonderful discoveries over the past twelve months, but these are … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2012

TBR 6# 7# and 8# The Regeneration Trilogy

The Regeneration trilogy was publishing in the early-mid 90s, and immediately received great critical acclaim, with the second, The Eye In The Door, winning the Guardian Fiction Prize in 1993, and the final book, The Ghost Road, winning the Booker in 1995. When I mentioned I was reading them on Twitter I instantly had dozens … Continue reading TBR 6# 7# and 8# The Regeneration Trilogy