Harrogate – Agatha Christie

FINALLY managed to visit The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate a few weekends back. For Agatha Christie fans - this is the location of her mysterious ‘disappearance’ back in 1926 for 11 days. For a fuller version of the story, click HERE The story goes that in late 1926, Agatha’s husband Archie revealed that he … Continue reading Harrogate – Agatha Christie

Christmas Read-a-Long 2015

As November draws to a middle, it's time to get excited for our Christmas Read-a-Long! For the last few years, we've embraced the festive spirit via fiction (because OF COURSE!) and this year will be no different...despite my protestations to the contrary! Last year, White Swan settled on Julius Ceasar, after our brilliant Augustus read. Previously, we … Continue reading Christmas Read-a-Long 2015