TBR 3# Sidetracked

This is a bit of a cheat because I didn't actually buy this book, in fact technically I nicked it. When I started watching Wallander in the Autumn of 2009 and became instantly obsessed with all things Swedish, starting with Ola Rapace (google him and thank me later), I spoke on Twitter about wanting to … Continue reading TBR 3# Sidetracked

Don’t Look Back

Coming from the more gentile, Morse, end of the detective spectrum, Karin Fossum has been Norway's Queen of Crime since the mid-90s, with her internationally renowned Inspector Sejer Series. Don't Look Back is the first to be translated into English, and the first one I have ever read. And it is lovely. For a book … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

The Devil’s Star

The fifth in the Harry Hole series, and the third translated into English, this thick-but-quick Norwegian thriller covers all your basics of a good sexeh thriller; ancient symbols of devil worship, Nazism and fingers up the bum. Concluding the Oslo Trilogy, beginning with The Redbreast and Nemisis that I read last winter, Jo Nesbo creates … Continue reading The Devil’s Star

Easter Crime!!!!

Because I don't already have enough reasons to love Norway, here's another one... Every Easter, they all read CRIME. The ENTIRE COUNTRY. READS CRIME. This frankly weird but beautiful tradition apparently stems from a pretty nifty marketing ploy from the 20s. Over the Easter weekend, normal social activities would be closed to a good Christian … Continue reading Easter Crime!!!!